Real Somalia- Victim of Neocolonial Adventurous Policies

Liberation and Reconstitution- Sign of Somali Unity

Dr. Suresh Kumar

The author attended the Congress For the Liberation and the Reconstitution of Somalia from 6 -14th September 2007, Asmara, Eritrea as editor and political analyst on Africa. This article is based on the discussions with the delegates and cover maximum burning issues of Somalia.


The issue of peace in Somalia is really sensitive. Large numbers of civilian’s are displaced from different parts of Somalia having no bread, cloth, shelter and other basic amenities but getting heavy shells and bullets. The cruelty against women and children has crossed all barricades that made them non-sensitive and lively dead. The delegate’s literally cried against the ongoing inhumanity by invading forces and explained the practice of Real Terror in Somalia. This neocolonial terrorism failed to bring all clans and sub-clan together on a single platform of Somalia for people’s bonding because economic adventure and mass genocide on the name of unity cannot go together. Moreover, Three questions asked to Mr. Zakeria Mahmud Abdi during the Press Conference (on 12 September 07) on the Report of the Monitoring Group on Somalia dated 18th July 2007 such as:

  1. a)This report is trying to prove that TFG came to save Somali and for the developments of Somalia. Give your comment please.
  2. b)The report mentions in paragraph 61 (a), “When the Transitional Federal Government demanded a $3.60 tax for the import of 50 Kg of cargo at the main Somali seaports. But businessmen claimed they were paying only $1 for the same quantity in the UIC government”. What is your response?
  3. c)The statement for Weyane army “Escape now, Sooner the Better” propagates the democratic approach of this Congress. What do you say about it?

He replied that “The TFG occupied Mogadishu under the pretext of democracy and development but the reality is completely different. As you know that Weyane invaders are near the Indian Ocean away from Ethiopia border with the distance of 1200 Km and devoted to acquire the looted goods with them. It is the only reason of their looting and looting every time on the name of democratic set up and its functioning. The Weyane stooges started looting from all corners of the city on daily basis robbery, grabbing the money through various means including tax burden from business community and accumulating gold and other precious items from the Somali houses. The stooges are having no confidence of staying any longer in power in Mogadishu and other parts of the country and have to go back”.

“In 21st century it is very strange that an African country occupies another African country. Somalia is having economic & Geo-Strategic potentialities of oil, gas and Uranium reserve that is the prospective for future energy sector having a largest coastline in Africa from Indian Ocean to Gulf of Aden in Red Sea. Today, all the different sections of Somali community are harassed and looted by the occupation army since December 2006 and committing crimes against humanity. This is the time for invaders to vacate Somalia from invaders peacefully otherwise the Somali people mobilized enough and take their responsibilities to get rid off Ethiopian occupation. The people of this region have given clear message to the Re-Liberation Movement of Somalia in this regard. Now, Somali youth are coming from different parts of country and cordoning the Mogadishu. We are the future; they (Ethiopian occupation) are the past. Sooner the better is the right approach for the invaders to withdraw from this sovereign land now”.

This is the time to fix the responsibilities of invaders in sovereign Somalia slaughtering the people on the name of Jihad and terrorism but failed to produce any concrete evidence of Taliban or Al-Qaeda links with the Union of Islamic Court (UIC) government till today. One thing is clear that Islam or a person believes in Islam (called Islamic) does not mean a terrorist. An Islamic government can function as per the law of land (State Constitution) that may includes the Sharia law. This is the issue directly concerned with the people of the country and all external power/countries need not indulge in the internal affairs of any country including Somalia. It is a fact that Somalia is a uni-culture community and respect Islam as part of their religion. Does the practicing of Sharia refer to terrorism? Why, there is hue and cry? Moreover, “If an individual Muslim were to commit an act of terrorism, this person would be guilty of violating the laws of Islam. Islam, a religion of mercy, does not permit terrorism. The holy Quran mentions, “The first cases to be adjudicated between people on the Day of Judgment will be those of bloodshed” that means killing and injuring (A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam, Darussalam, Houston, USA: 59-61). One elderly Professor Delegate (around 70 years old) traveled widely in world shared the meaning of terrorism with me and said, “The deliberate creation and exploitation of fear for bringing about political change is called terrorism. Terrorism never speaks about peace, reconciliation, mutual consensus to solve the existing problems and favor bullet solution in any country. The first preliminary impression about this Congress is that the delegates (meeting with me having 25 to 73 years old) shared their opinion freely and recognizes various suggestions for the ongoing problem. Does terrorism believe in the people’s expression, liberation struggle against colonialism or neocolonialism and believe in the practice of constitution law and respect to law? If not, it is the time to judge neutrally the outcome of Congress for the Justice and Dignity of Somali people on the one hand and tries to identify the real culprit of a hungry, homeless and dying Somali on the other hand.

The Somali Concern in the present Scenario

The meeting with number of delegates produces a consensus on the different aspects of the current crisis in real Somalia right from the humanitarian crisis to a political malevolent. Primarily, the Somali delegates show unanimity in respecting international Law and challenging the capacity of Ethiopian invasion supported by US Air Force disastrous bombardment in Somalia. The delegates reiterates that ‘the Security Council should reaffirm its commitment to a comprehensive and lasting settlement of the situation in Somalia and its respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence and unity of Somalia as per passed resolution of Security Council time to time.

Surprisingly, Ethiopia does not bother about the UN Security Council resolutions, which clearly stated that no armed forces of any country intervene in internal functioning of Somalia. It poses number of questions in the mind of readers such as:

Ø Is Ethiopia a holy supreme power who has a right to ignore UN Security Council resolutions?

Ø It is true that Ethiopia is third largest population state in Africa. Is it means that Ethiopian neocolonial expansionist policy implies that the ruler failed to provide Bread to the people under its regime and adopts adventurous war policy declaring itself an Africa victorious power king like Alexander or Sikander? Is it a revival of new colonialism of Loot and Eat in Somalia under the Weyane leadership?

Ø It is a fact that Ethiopia (with over 40 million of its population being struck by continuous poverty expecting relief aid) has been listed as No.87 country among the 88 least developing countries. Are the colonial agenda and the Scramble of Africa still continued not by European powers but by the poorest state of Ethiopia in Africa? The second poorest Ethiopia (among the 88 countries) is looking forward for the crown of Africa Tower despite its miserable political and economic CONDITIONS .

Ø Why the neo-colonial powers are working tirelessly under the agenda of re-drawing boundaries today ignoring sovereignty and all the international law? It is the time that the onus regarding human genocide should fix on the responsible ruler, requires an urgent attention of international community.

About the economic adventurism of Ethiopia, Mr. Ahmed Moh’d, a delegate rightly shares with me, “It is the time to check the ground realities of occupied region of Somalia for oil and other exploration before any investment in it that will help the investors to save their hard earned money transferring it in the account of wrongdoer on the one side and will save common Somali brutality with this finance” on the other side. Moreover, all the seaports are under the sovereign territory of Somalia and how Ethiopia will provide the seaport for this illegal exploration of natural resources being a landlocked country. Infect, this is Weyane dream to have a seaport in the vicinity of Red Sea by any means and ready to scramble this Horn region once again.

Neocolonial Agenda in Somalia

Somalia occupies its Geo-Strategic position in the world and according to available GIS information about the natural resources of Somalia such as petroleum, Uranium, etc. exist in abundance. The imperialist government of US is enforcing their one of the national interest regarding exploration of oil in Somalia and assigned this task to Weyane Armed forces for the invasion. Once the Somali people colonized under this tactics, the neocolonial forces will focus on the other parts of Horn of Africa particularly the countries having direct contacts to Red Sea. The booty will enjoy by the imperialist master only. The imperialist US provide a survival support kit to Ethiopian anti-people minority regime continuously and their illegal status is protected in international politics as a reward for Somalia occupation. American national interest already is working in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world. The US private oil multinational companies such as Concoco, Phillips, Amoco, Chavron and BP are already working in the US occupied countries and ready to expand their network in Somalia and other Horn region.

Somalia is a peace promoter and not war promoter country believes in the hormonal peace. Somali Diaspora are working all over the world but no Somali link has been found as terrorist in the world till today and even CIA website confirms it. Despite that Weyane and USA invaded the Somalia only because of its economic potentials and national interests.

Moreover, the TFG and National Governance and Reconciliation Commission recently concluded a failed Reconciliation Conference in Mogadishu. “The conveners conveniently forgot that 15 national reconciliation conference held over the past 14 years have failed to generate a state capable of establishing law and order for the whole country, with powerful warlords insisting on monitoring their bases of power” (The East African, Taifalec, September 10,2007). This is the part of neocolonial tactics to spread Pseudo-propaganda about conciliation in Somalia in theory and creating turmoil atmosphere in practice.

The Somali Unity and Liberation Struggle

Ethiopia invaded Somalia in December 2006 despite all the UN Security Council resolutions of 1724, 1725 and 1744 and did not respect the Somali unity and territorial integrity. This is the violation of charters of African Union and UN. The end of II World War and the result of anti-colonial struggle in Asia, Africa and Latin America made UN, a wide representative of international community. Today, there is a need to fight against the neocolonial policies in Somalia and the Somali Congress initiated this struggle announcing Alliance For Liberating Somalia and elected Mr. Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed as Chairman having 10 members of Executive Committee and Mr. Hassan Sheikh Aden, Chairman of the Central Council having 191 members representing Diaspora, courts (parliamentarians), Somali personalities, women and civil society members. It is declared that Congress is over and Struggle is started. The Congress passed Somali Charter having 30 articles entitled Somali Liberation Movement with unanimous decision and it is on the way to strengthen this movement and initiated the process of reconstitution keeping all the Somali people in mind.

Somali liberation struggle is against the civil population atrocities, genocide and human rights abuse convincing international community with the functioning of Liberation Organization. The Italian Deputy Foreign Minister pointed out that the miserable conditions that the Somali people are being exposed due to the occupied army. The Norway diplomats shared the same opinion on Somalia conditions. The foreign affairs branch of Alliance For Liberating Somaliawill convince international community, international organizations & individual countries, persuading them to speak about this issue and posit a neutral stand in the existing miserable Somali conditions. Somali unity open neocolonial struggle platform for the genuine concern communities internationally that will help to stop mythical propaganda about Somali terrorism on the one hand and strengthen Alliance For Liberating Somaliaon the other hand. The neocolonial struggle will shield the Somali people against looting, raping, killing and all inhuman atrocities of the invaders and bring back normalcy and justice to Somali civil population. Today, Somali may shares these affirmative outlooks with the world community to strengthen Liberation movement such as:

  1. There is animmediate need of withdrawal of invaders, stop genocide and bring normalcy on urgent basis. The role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) should be carried forward for humanitarian aid and relief.
  2. Initiate theSomali people dialogue under the theme of Indigenous problems are solved by indigenous people.
  3. Theconcrete evidence of terrorist linkage should be made public immediately failing which this pseudo-propaganda need to stop and the culprit be punished accordingly.
  4. The Somali Diaspora should play their important role explainingcrimes against humanity to their concern countries government, print media, TV, Radio, Information Technology, etc. that will help the governments to formulate their opinion.
  5. Initiate the mutual dialogue onCongress Decision in the different parts of world that will help in building up the real peoples struggle against imperialistic design and justice to Somali people.

Today, the neocolonial agenda cannot work at the cost of Somali lives. At the same time, no country has right to invade the other country because of its natural wealth. The hundreds years of colonial rule and exploitation of neocolonialism cannot be continued as policy today on the name of terrorism.


Today, the unity of Somali will build Somalia Geopolitics existence being its linkage to Asia and European navigation to initiate and cater the normal life in this Horn region. The neocolonial policies victimize Somali people today because of its regional importance as well. The colonial rule today changed into neo-colonial in which economic exploitation is the solely basis of exploitation by installing any handy or puppet government and named it a democratic one. Such a government becomes merely a tool of neocolonial design of geo-economic exploitation. The basic human right abuse, unlawful imprisonment, killings and mass genocide are the pawn governance tactics for their own survival. The people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Somalia are facing one or the other method of cruelty of these misnomer governments. It is the time to re-phrase the preamble of UN as We the ruler of UN—that will help the organization to die its own natural death peacefully. The UIC Chairperson says, “Regional security and peace cannot be achieved through the barrel of the gun but need bilateral confidence building before free trade and sharing of resources”.

It is the time to remember the past UN General Assembly timely actions of 1950-60s to facilitate people and genuine governance. There is an immediate need of General Assembly to pass resolution to tell the invader to move back from Somalia, respect the sovereignty and international law to strengthen We the people of UN—. This is the only solution to solve the Somali genocide with the help of international fraternity and give a chance to Somali people to culminate their indigenous problems with indigenous solution. This Congress comes out with solution to re-store normalcy in the burning Somalia and able to set up a people’s government in Mogadishu. The Charter and the functioning of different elected branch bodies/Departments will pursue the right path for the Somali solution that help in the building of people’s Somalia.


Joint Communiqué- A Step towards Peaceful Reconciliation in Somalia

Stop Somali Genocide

Dr. Suresh Kumar

Eritrea profile, Vol.14, No.16, 2 May 2007


The Joint Communiqué is the result of mutual meeting between three prominent leaders of Somalia from 10th April to 18th April 2007. All the three leaders appraises the national heroic feelings of Somali Diaspora in general and appreciated one of the meeting held in Leicester, UK from 6 to 8 April 2007 in particular. This Diaspora meeting includes intellectuals, politicians, students, etc., which focused on consulting and unifying the views about the Ethiopian occupation of Somalia and urged Somali Diaspora people to unite themselves to overcome the challenge. This Communiqué focuses on international support and Justice for Somali people on the one hand and explores the ways to peaceful reconciliation and reconstitution in the country on the other hand.

Joint Communiqué and International Concern

This communiqué (under Point 4) condemns the brutal occupation of Ethiopia in Somalia and call for it’s immediate withdrawal from sovereign Somali territory. Ethiopia pretexts to invade Somali nation, “to defend Ethiopia’s sovereignty and hunt down the so-called extremist, and terrorists. One may raise the Point of order here that:

  • DidUN or Africa Union (AU) authorized Ethiopia to attack Somalia in search of terrorists and invaded the country?
  • DidUN and AU recognize as per their Charters the Transitional National Government (TNG) that was picked up and placed in Mogadishu?
  • DidUSA authorization (illegal) to Ethiopia the supreme order to invade Somalia? Is supreme order and blessings on Ethiopia considered a natural recognition of UN or AU?

This is the time to differentiate between the charter of UN and Neo-Colonial charter of USA. That’s why; this Point no. 4 looks more valid to keep the Somalia sovereignty intact.

This Communiqué (under Point 5) condemned the atrocities committed by the Ethiopian occupation forces that have resulted in the killing of more than thousands civilians and wounding of sustaining injuries. International media such as BBC, CNN, AL-Jazeera and others confirm atrocious incidents every day. The brutal killings of civilian people is condemned by all peace loving people in the world.

The Communiqué (under Point 5mentions worth 1.5 billion USD damages according to initial estimates of Burial Committees in Mogadishu. It is a fact that Ethiopia (with over 40 million of its population being struck by continuous poverty expecting relief aid) has been listed as No.87 country among the 88 least developing countries. Who is going to pay this indemnity to Somalia? One says that- a common man answer’s is-USA. It is the time to check the neo-colonial attitude of invaded forces because US administration will come with its expenditure list particularly armament and defense expenditure budget on Somalia and claim to re-pay from the mineral resources available in Somalia. The same technique already implemented in Iraq having thirty years oil agreement. The second poorest Ethiopia (among the 88 countries) will also be looking forward for some booty in Somalia.

Is it a part of international Covenant, which allows the use of US armaments on any country and re-claims the compensation and persuades/motivates poorest country to support US and fetch dollar to become rich. If it is not true, the Point 4 of Communiqué should be implemented without any delay by the international agencies.

The international community should check the US Neo-Nazi tendencies and help to re-establish peace and solidarity in the affected countries. The communiqué also mentions the same opinion under Point 6 that says, “We condemn the destructive actions undertaken by the Deputy Secretary of State for African Affairs, which incited Ethiopian troops to continue down its path of destruction and genocide against defenseless civilians via promising financial and political support to continue its illegitimate war and devoting Ethiopian brutal occupation”. It proves how US dollar becomes pertinent for the poorest Ethiopia and Meles can go to any extent of madness in Somalia to woo dollar. Is it a part of Neo-Nazi policy removing 40 million people’s poverty or Meles greediness in a day? The Communiqué respects International Charter and hope for immediate action to stop Somali genocide on the one hand and curtail poor Meles greediness on the other hand.

The Communiqué appeals (under Point7) the international community and the UN to establish a special International Tribunal in the search for the crimes committed against the Somali people and prosecute the criminals responsible for these hideous crimes. Earlier, Algiers Agreement decided the Ethiopia-Eritrea Border issue in April 2002 under the auspices of UN. This is the only way to usher peace and development in Somalia as well. Along with it, one may ask the role of Ugandan forces under AU peacekeepers. Are they really involved in peace process or supporting unjust Ethiopian occupation and their criminal activities? The Communiqué (Under Point 9) informed the world that the Ugandan troops currently in Somalia capital is a ‘Trojan Horse’ for Ethiopia hideous crimes.

Along with it, the Communiqué (under Point 11) requests the concerned local and International humanitarian organizations to deliver urgent relief supplies to displaced Somalis everywhere in particular food and medical treatments because concentration of human population formed, suddenly may result in sweeping epidemics such as Cholera and typhoid.

Joint Communiqué and National Issue

It is important to visualize that Joint Communiqué is signed by three important leaders of the country such as Sheik Sherif Sheikh Ahmed, Chairman of the Executive Council of UIC Government of Somalia, Eng. Husein Mohammed Farah Aideed, Deputy Prime Minister Political and Security Affairs and Minister of Public Works and Housing and Chairman of USC/SNA & (S.N.A.) and Sherif Hassen Sheikh Aden, Speaker of the Somali Republic, which shows unity, brotherhood and sincere move to initiate peaceful reconciliation in the country. The Communiqué (under Point 3) mentions the victorious resistance of the Somali people to guarantee the freedom and independence of the nation that proves the real unity against any foreign invasion despite 16 years of civil strife.

The Communiqué understands the regional political atmosphere and regret and condemn (under Point 10) the stand of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda in the ministerial meeting of IGAD member states that was held on April 13, 2007 against the independence and sovereignty of Somalia, where they praised and incited the brutal assault carried out by the Ethiopian troops in Somalia. But the Communiqué commands the honest and genuine approach of the government of Eritrea, Sudan and Djibouti towards their view in the Somali issue. Moreover, Eritrea also pulled out of its IGAD membership temporarily. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs further indicated that Eritrea was obliged to take this action because irresponsible resolutions that jeopardize peace and stability of the region has been repeatedly taken in the name of the organization and that Eritrea has decided not to be part of such events that lack legal and moral stands (Eritrea Profile, Vol.14, No.13, 21 April 2007).

The Communiqué (under Point 8) condemn Ethiopia for establishing detention camps in its territory like that of ‘Guatanamo Bay’ in Cuba, where innocent people are being tortured. Earlier, It was declared in September 2006, “Today, TPLF forces have entirely crossed into Somalia to overthrow the government like Bay of Pigs. The US administration has already set up camps in western Ethiopia on the name of combating terrorism in the Horn of Africa region and trying to expand its army camps in Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea under the banner of Anti-Terrorism or Anti-Muslim Terrorism and supporting militancy of TPLF. TPLF with the support of US army will interfere to de-stabilize the governance in the Horn region, which will help them to repeat Bay of Pigs in the Horn region and to strengthen its neo-colonial mercantile expansion in the globe” (Eritrea Profile, Vol.13, No.52, 6 September, 2006). It is a time to remind the result of Bay of Pigs (US army) in Cuba and it is going to repeat with TPLF Bay of Pigs in Somalia. It is the right time for TPLF to move back in Ethiopia and cater their domestic conditions, failing this will neither find a place in Somalia nor Ethiopian common masses (facing poverty failed in getting daily-based requirements) accept them.


Overall, Joint Communiqué is the initiative towards peaceful reconciliation with the condition that all foreign troops should (Ethiopia, USA and Uganda) withdraw from Somalia immediately without any pre-condition. Moreover, Eritrean delegation of the IGAD Ministerial Meeting in Nairobi on April 3, 2007 elaborated that “if individual and group initiatives aimed at ensuring lasting peace and stability in Somalia is at all to succeed, external military interference should be avoided and an end be put to acts of defamation linking some parties with international terrorism and promote a political process leading to national reconciliation (Eritrea Profile, No. 13, 21 April 2007). The issue of terrorism linked to UIC government has no relevance. “The act of inciting terror in the hearts of defenseless civilians, the wholesale destruction of buildings and properties; the bombing and maiming of innocent men, women and children are all forbidden and detestable acts according to Islam and the Muslims. Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness, and the vast majority has nothing to do with the violent events some have associated with Muslims. If an individual Muslim was to commit an act of terrorism, this person would be guilty of violating the laws of Islam” (A Brief Illustration Guide to Understanding Islam, Darussalam, Houston, 1997:61).

What is the paradox that UIC government is persuading for peaceful reconciliation and reconstitution in the country and USA and its allies are bombing and killing the innocent civilian Somali? It is the time for Somali people to come forward, understand the issue, identify the guilty and recognize Who is Who? And act accordingly to save the sovereignty of Somalia.

Is Red Oil Pious for Invasions than Humanity in World?

Somalia is Another Victim.

Dr. Suresh Kumar

Eritrea profile, Vol.14, No.14, 25 April 2007


Somalia faces now a days the red oil venture on its land and Somali people is the victim of it. Somali land over-covers by Somali blood since December 2006. Here the Somali blood victimized through the oil ventures under the entrepreneurship of USA. The transitional government in Somalia, a system of US-Ethiopia choice is working like a placement agency, which will help them building a base in Horn of Africa. As we know, Somalia occupies its Geo-Strategic position on globe, a channel to reinforce activities in East Africa and Middle East region. The Red Sea provides a challenge free escort to US naval for surveillance in East Africa and Middle East region and safe passage to oil-carriers ship from this region to different parts of world including en-route to USA. The name red oil directly refers to human beings blood belonging to different regions such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. The people of these countries are facing mass violations of human rights, moving as refugee in search of shelters and looking for Bread, Cloth and Shelter put a question mark on HUMANITY. It is the right time to choose between red oil policy of mass destruction and exodus or humanity and evaluate how Somalia is another victim in the world accordingly.

Were the former governments in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia related to Jihads or terrorism? The invasion in Somalia (Including other countries) victimized the common people, but never finds traces of terrorism. The majority Muslim community of these countries believes in common religion that never meant as terrorist. It is the red oil terrorism spreading through out the world snatching energy resources on the cost of humanity.

The threat to Somali invasion infect initiated at the time of Ethiopian Prime Minister setting up of Baidoa government, a parallel adventure to Union of Islamic Court (UIC) government in Mogadishu in Somalia. The UIC government with the mutual discussion with other groups had a consensus to work for the peace and prosperity for the Somali people. The UIC government peaceful development worked was against the red oil and expansionist adventure. At that time, the research article on TPLF (Bay of Pigs): Threat to Peace and Stability in Horn of Africa, Eritrea Profile, 6th September 2006 (written by me) already cautious Horn of Africa about Weyane/ Ethiopian army adamancy to interfere (part of its expansionist policy) in Somalia, which will create instability Somalia. Ethiopian venture came true in December 2006 with the US active support. This Table shows the steps taken towards red oil adventure in Somalia, which neglected the world opinion on the one hand and proved disrespect to international system and law on the other hand.


Somalia is Another Victim

Sr. Date Real Oil Adventure Destruction of Humanity Statues of International Organizations/Law
1. 26.12.06 Ethiopian Invasion Attacked on Mogadishu & killed people. No respect to UNO and AU. Violation of (UNSC) Security Council Resolutions 1724, 1725 and 1744 by means of sham ploy war against terrorism
2. 03.01.07 Installed transitional National Government in Mogadishu Government of US-Ethiopia Choice Undermined UIC Consensus Government and move for death penalties. UIC Government in exile for safety.
3. 08.01.07 Annihilation of Civilian lives and Property UIC send Peace Proposal from Yemen UIC respect to International Law. Ready for Mutual Discussion
4. 09.01.07 US Air Force Attack in South Somalia. Real Blood Suckers Adventure against Peace Proposal Violation of Part-IV, Article 48, Geneva Convention (attacked on Civil People who were searching shelter for life and safety).
5. 17.03.07 Uganda forces joined under AU No safety to humane life and property Violation of Rome Statue of International Criminal Court
6. 01.04.07 More than 500 civilians killed Somali People voice to save Human Rights President Yoweri Museveni visit to Massawa confirmed it. Now, Ugandan’s troops under AU are in the sticky state of affairs. No AU member is coming forward. Failure of AU Statute
7. 10.04.07 New Adventure- Blame Eritrea supporting terrorism Eritrea appeal to reconciliation & reconstitution in Somalia Violation of Resolutions 1724, 1725 and 1744. Pseudo-Propaganda against Eritrea encouraging terror.
8. 18.04.07 Seeking adventure to divide Somali community into Shia and Sunni Live like Refugee or Fight for Somali unity No care of food, medical facilities, shelter and potable water to Somali refugees is against the UN Charter. Divide and rule is not a part of UN Charter. As the preamble says, “We the people of UN”- – -.
9. 25.04.07 Adventure for any new Stinking game Never get rid of blood oil foul play Molding UN Charter and other International Covenants as per their choice.

Source: The author interviewed on “Current Somalia-Ethiopia Invasion and its Consequences” with BBC World Service on different occasion from 26th December 2006 to 1st April 2007.

The Peace Proposal of UIC spokesperson from Yemen received the response in the form of air attack (Table) that set up a shame in the international politics. The international community made a strong opinion about this issue and following are the highlights:

  • Presidents of Eritrea and Egypt shared the same opinion on this issue in their meeting in Egypt on 9-10 January 2007. President Isaias pointed out, “The turmoil being created in the Horn of Africa, especially Somalia by the US administration through its mercenary agent, the Weyane regime, would incur dangerous consequences” (Eritrea Profile, No. 89, 13 January 2007).
  • Similarly, the meeting of Eritrea, Sudan and Qatar Head of States shared common consensus onMarch 8, 2007 in Qatar and advocated that the State of Somalia should be given the opportunity to reinstitution their people.
  • The EU delegation headed by Ambassador Micael Klor-Berch expressed to work jointly with the Government of Eritrea in resolving the Somali issue. There is a need to exert efforts to promote a political process that would represent all Somalis. President Isaias expressed its opinion after the meeting that if genuine and lasting peace and reconciliation are to prevail in Somalia there should exist a united Somalia nation and people (Eritrea Profile, English Newspaper,28March 2007).
  • The Somali people attacked on the Ugandan Army, a part of African Union (AU) peacekeepers because this army is rescuing Ethiopian army from the quagmire. This complicates the Somali issue and aggravates the agony of Somali people.
  • President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda met Eritrea President on April 1, 2007 and assessed that the situation in Somalia is escalating from bad to worse. They further held discussions on the need to let the Somali people decide their own affairs themselves, ensure participation by firstly believing in equality so as to start reconciliation process, draw up a political agenda that is open for discussion on which all parties agree and the withdrawal of foreign forces from Somali territory, as well as uphold Somalia’s unity and territorial integrity (Eritrea Profile,4 April 2007). Earlier the Foreign Ministry delegation from Uganda (March 2007) discussed the same issue with the Eritrea President. One understands this meeting as Uganda President realized that he was misled and now Ugandan’s troops as part of AU are in the sticky situation because of Ethiopia and USA. Now, no African country is sending its troops as part of AU in Somalia on the name of peace, stability and democratic (imposed) government.
  • The Chairman of the UIC, Mr. Sheik Sherif Sheik Ahmed discussed the present scenario with President Isaias Afwerki in Massawa on 8thApril 07 and point out that ‘ the ranks of the Somali people are united more than ever before and their nationalism heightened to build a sovereign and united Somalia. We are not all prepared to allow invaders to trample upon our sacred rights and bring us under submission’ (Eritrea Profile, 11 April, 2007).· The meeting on Somali Peaceful Reconciliation held in Asmara from 10-17 April 2007 that was attended by the Chairman of the Executive Council of UIC, Sheik Sherif Sheik Ahmed, Deputy Prime Minister Political and Security Affairs and Minister of Public Works and Housing and Chairman of (S.N.A.), Mr. Husein Mohammed Farah Aideed, Speaker of the Somali Transitional Federal Parliament, Sherif Hassen Sheikh Aden and other political leaders of Somalia along with the Somali people on their struggle against the invasion of Ethiopia. They made a declaration that all foreign forces should withdraw from Somalia and the Somali people, only the Somali people, should left alone to solve their problems (Joint Communiqué, Asmara, 18th April 2007).
  • The Somali meeting have called upon the international community and the UN to establish a special International Tribunal in the search for the crimes committed against the Somali people and prosecute the criminals responsible for these hideous crimes. If the present situation continues, it will not only deteriorate the peace and stability of Somalia, but whole region of Horn of Africa (Joint Communiqué, Asmara,18th April 2007).
  • Themeeting requests the concerned local and International humanitarian organizations to deliver urgent relief supplies to displaced Somalis everywhere in particular food and medical treatments because concentration of human population formed suddenly may result in sweeping epidemics such as cholera and Typhoid (Joint Communiqué, Asmara, 18th April 2007).

Is Red Oil or Humanity? –Choice of the People

After that, what next is senseless for the warmongers? But it is the alarming situation for peace-loving countries and societies in the world? US-Ethiopia armed forces never hesitate to kill hundreds of innocent people and their livestock (camels, goats, donkeys, cows and other) on the name of red oil ventures. But US doomed to crush the people sentiments through out the world together with Somalia. People throughout the world as well as Somali’s are supporting peace movements unitedly. This unity and uniqueness among Somali’s will bring Peace and stability to Somalia and its people. Earlier, the Peace Accord in 2006 between National Government of Sudan and East Sudan Front is the step towards peaceful reconciliation, which may be repeated itself by the brothers of Somalia. Even the Ethiopian masses discard the anti-people policies in the country and protested strongly against the destruction of humanity in Horn of Africa. This red oil piousness prompts the people to usher Peace Movement as an alternative in Horn of Africa. A Peaceful reconciliation in Somalia is the only alternative to save humanity in the country, which will help other countries to become victim of red oil.

National Peaceful Reconciliation and Reconstitution in Geopolitics of Somalia: An Evaluation.

Dr. Suresh Kumar

Eritrea profile, Vol.14, No.12, 18 April 2007

The author interviewed on “Current Ethiopia’s Invasion of Somalia and its Consequences” with BBC World Service under BBC/Asia/Urdu/Program on 26th December 2006, 3rd January, 8th January, 9th January and 1st April 2007. This article is the extension of his interview.


Somalia is one of the exceptional countries in Africa having one language, religion and culture. But, historically the Somali experienced different kinds of colonial powers such as Britain, France and Italy. Today, Somalia preserves a Geo-Strategic position in East Africa. It is the time to remind that the recent Ethiopian invasion of Somalia in December 2006 is not the first of its kind, since there were other attempts during 1964-65 and 1977-78. The history of Somali’s never tolerating any foreign aggression. In the face of recent Ethiopian invasion, all Somali’s are fighting united and cohesively against the occupation army of Ethiopia supported by USA.

Today, it is the time to rebuild Somalia to solve day-to-day needs of Somali people. One cannot achieve national reconciliation and reconstitution in Somalia as far as US backed Ethiopian army is there. Once Somali get rid of Ethiopian ruler and US oil policy in Somalia, then there are chances to re-build the country, setting up peace and stability. Recently, the Cheney’s oil multinationals of US signed thirty years ‘Oil Agreement 2007’ with government of their own choice in Iraq and the similar efforts are going on in Somalia. The real reconciliation efforts will be a blow back to Ethiopian minority ruler and US oil interest in Somalia and Horn of Africa in general.

Reconstitution in Geopolitics of Somalia

The Geopolitics in Somalia and reconstitution does not meant a division in the society on the basis of colonial division. The reconstitution in Somalia under Geopolitics federalism meant:

  • First, it assures the process by which awidening sense of social and political harmony is reconciled with the attachment for local identity, through the provision of dual political organization. The dual political organization meant a central (federal) government and different provincial or local governments, which will function with in their preview.
  • Second, the dual political organization and grant of substantial regional autonomy to different provinces in Somalia should be most clearly recognized.The economic development initiates the process to strengthen political unity and socio-economic development. The central-provincial/local relationship to fulfill the grassroots demands should be pursuing a new path of development for the welfare of common people that is the basic requirement of Geopolitics federalism in a state including Somalia.

This is the time to strengthen the idea of reconstitution. Geopolitics Federalism in Somalia is a need of union through the real functions of the Central government and the component units of the state. The UIC government started functioning and tried to set up stability through persuasion (With other groups) in the country under the idea of Geopolitics. The UIC spokesperson proposed a Peaceful negotiation and reconciliation to so-called transition government of Somalia from Yemen and it was a good proposal and should be welcomed that time (observed during my interview on 8th January 2007). But the air attack of US army on January 9, 2007 to the surrounding areas of Mogadishu demonstrated its real intention to move towards neo-colonialism (Interview on 9th January 07 with BBC world Service).

Peaceful Reconciliation in Geopolitics of Somalia

The Chairman of the UIC, Mr. Sheik Sherif Sheik Ahmed reminded different Somalia groups about the Peace proposal again on 8th April 2007. He further discussed the present scenario with President Isaias Afwerki in Massawa on 8th April 07 and point out that ‘the ranks of the Somali people are united more than ever before and their nationalism heightened and it’s (Somali) abiding choice is to build a sovereign and united Somalia. We are not all prepared to allow invaders to trample upon our sacred rights and bring us under submission’ (Eritrea Profile, 11 April, 2007).

Mr. Husein Mohammed Farah Aideed, (former Deputy and Interior Minister in the so-called transitional federal government supported by Ethiopian minority government & USA) left this evil alliance, came forward against the brutality of their own people, and stated, “The Somali issue can only be resolved by the Somali people themselves without foreign interference in any situation. He further explained that the problem witnessed in Mogadishu last week is the outcome of external military intervention and that the Somali people are not at all prepared to see Somalia becoming another Iraq. – – -The invading TPLF regime’s army should withdraw immediately without precondition (Eritrea Profile, 11 April, 2007). President Isaias pointed out that the Somali people have taken political initiative to reconstitute their nation and foster national unity. The reconstitution of the Somali nation would have in promoting political stability in the Horn of Africa, as well as its benefits to the people of region as a whole (Eritrea Profile, 14 April, 2007).

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda met Eritrea President on April 1, 2007 and assessed that the situation in Somalia is escalating from bad to worse. They further held discussions on the need to let the Somali people decide their own affairs themselves, ensure participation by firstly believing in equality so as to start reconciliation process, draw up a political agenda that is open for discussion on which all parties agree and the withdrawal of foreign forces from Somali territory, as well as uphold Somalia’s unity and territorial integrity (Eritrea Profile, 4 April 2007). One understands this meeting as Uganda President realized that he was misled and now Ugandan’s troops as part of AU are in the sticky situation because of Ethiopia and USA. Now, no African country is sending its troops as part of AU in Somalia on the name of peace, stability and democratic (imposed) government.

Today, International Organization (UNO), European Union (EU) and all regional organizations first respect Somalia and maintain people rights and security of Somalis & their land. Somalis will work for peace, rehabilitation and permanent and balance development. The Somali’s people’s initiative to reconstitute their homeland had only intensified their aspirations for national reconciliation and reconstitution rather than weakening it.

Geopolitics Federalism (Reconstitution) and Step towards Peace in Somalia

There is a reason to propose the idea of Geopolitics federalism in Somalia. The first is the absolute need to seek peaceful reconciliation and secure indigenous solutions to indigenous problems. It is the time to share peaceful negotiation with the different regions according to their needs respectively and people utilization of natural resources. The peaceful reconciliation will convey a positive signal for Somali people to solve their problems themselves without any trusteeship of foreign powers. The peace process will give answer to the crisis-trader and crisis-makers.

The second is not to tread on an ally or allies (Like Ethiopia and USA) that lead to external intervention and invasion. The external intervention will only exacerbate the situation, prolong the conflicts and entail sorrow and remorse. The Horn of Africa is passing through the danger of neo-colonial expansion that can only arouse with our committed understanding. Ethiopian ruler and US shortsightedness are revealing common people into the abyss of perennial crisis and conflict in order to control and dominate the resources in Somalia. The neo-colonial Nazism persuades unprecedented injustice to protect international domination at the cost of people’s rights. Somali people cannot be oblivious to the subtle manipulations underway to impart a different connotation to the concept of the International Community by reducing Somali unity and represent its interests of Nazi agenda and its ilk to the exclusion of all others.

Third, the Consensus Government in Somalia because of peaceful reconciliation would stand to solve their internal problems, day-to-day people’s difficulty and evolve an environment of political consciousness and reconstitution. The Somali groups representatives ensures their participation in the consensus Government for the smooth functioning in national and regional or local level ensures genuine allocation and distribution of financial share to their provinces and channels a proper and smooth way of assimilation of Somali unity. The neighbouring countries or regional organizations may play the role as a facilitator in achieving peaceful reconciliation, building a process of reconstitution and consensus government.

Fourth, the geopolitics federalism of Somalia may agree to share National and Provincial budgets. This will be the opening of sharing financial allocation of resources and its distribution on the basis of different local areas need, which will guarantee equitable economic, political, social and cultural development.

This will initiate in sharing financial allocation of resources and its distribution on the basis of different provinces need. This proposal for peaceful reconciliation will delineate the fundamental objectives of development in Somalia like:

  1. ·Rehabilitation of war-affected areas;
  2. ·Rehabilitation of social services including food distribution, health facilities, and potable water;
  3. ·Rehabilitation and development of infrastructure;
  4. ·Ensuring the return and the rehabilitation of refugees;
  5. ·Protecting and enhancing the fragile environment;

Fifth and last, the uniqueness of the peace talks between the various factions of Somalia, will point out a clear message that the problems of Somalia can be solved by the Somali’s themselves. This will direct towards brutal forces, which consider themselves as omnipotent and hunt to paralyze Africa and implement their own political and economic ventures.


With regard to peace and reconciliation of the Horn of Africa region, President Isaias spoke during Beijing Summit on China-Africa Cooperation, 3-5 November 2006 that “China being a permanent member of the Security Council of the UN, has so far not played its due role. President Hu Jintao on his part applauded Eritrea’s efforts and said, “Development and prosperity can’t be ascertained without peace and reconciliation; hence China will work hard to achieve this” (Eritrea Profile, Vol.13, No. 71, 11 November 2006). Today, China intervention requires saving Somalia in the Security Council on the one hand and will strengthen the process of reconciliation and reconstitution in Somalia on the other hand. China active support will check the brutal forces stopping Somali slaughtering and man handling. The peaceful reconciliation needs concrete initiatives for the people of Somalia and usher alternatives (observed during my BBC interview on 1st April 2007) against this hostile atmosphere such as:

  1. The current war in Somalia is mainly an outcome of the wrong US policy. As long as any religion, language, colour or creed facilitates the reconstitution and unity of Somalia, why should it be a target? Those forces that seek to link the UIC with the terrorism are the ones who do not respect and appreciate the Islamic faith, as well as wish to put into effect their agenda of religious politics.
  2. The Ethiopian people nullify and discard the minority government expansionist approach to woo dollar as part of national and international policies. The failure of minority government in Somalia needs an international approval.
  3. The Somali people cohesively are fighting against the dreams of US oil policy. One needs to bear in mind that Somali is never allowed any foreign aggression on its land (either by USA in 1992 or by Ethiopia) that is distinctive in the post second world war history of Somalia.
  4. It’stime to persuade indigenous solution to indigenous problems that will channel political, social progress and sustainable development in Somalia.

Overall, the Peaceful reconciliation and reconstitution is the only way to strengthen the real Somali solution of this aggression. All the international organizations respect this verdict that the indigenous problems resolve by indigenous people of Africa. Africa undoubtedly demonstrates respect to the affirmative role of international communities on the one hand but not at the cost of their own sovereignty on the other hand.